Why can't I use GPT-4?

A pro subscription is required to use GPT-4. Our free trial provides 10-days of the Standard Plan for free — that means you get unlimited GPT-3.5 usage, but can't use GPT-4 without buying an upgrade.

What were the keyboard shortcuts again?

You can always view Iris shortcuts and gestures from the help menu:
These are the essential keyboard shortcuts:
  • Double tap ⌥ to open/close Iris.
  • Press ⌥ + Tab to sling.
  • ⌘+Shift+1 to capture your screen.

Why am I getting an "Inactive Subscription" error?

Please make sure you sign into Iris using the same email you entered at checkout. If you signed in with the wrong email, you can sign out and re-authenticate via the settings pane:
If you need additional help, please reach out to support@interfacestudio.co.

Why am I not receiving my login code when I try to sign in?

If you're not seeing a login code in your inbox after a couple minutes, please check your spam folder. If it's still not coming through, please reach out to support@interfacestudio.co.

How do I upgrade or modify my subscription?

Open Iris settings and press the "Manage Subscription" button.
Alternatively, you can sign in through the online account portal.

Who has access to my data?

We're collecting non-sensitive analytics data, such as how many users have successfully signed in and how many messages are sent to Iris per day. But that's the extent of it — I am not able to see the contents of the messages you send Iris.
However, your messages will be sent to OpenAI. According to their privacy policy, they retain data for up to 30 days, but your messages will not be used as training data.

Can I use Iris via my own OpenAI API Key?

This is not an option we're currently supporting. We will reconsider in the future.

How do I redownload the app?

Use this link: iris.fun/download.

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